For Current OM Students

(updated June 29, 2017)

Typically Offered Terms for OM Undergraduate Courses
(Note: For reference only. This is only a tentative schedule subject to change.)


OM courses

CourseCourse TitleFallWinterSpringSummerNo Fixed Pattern
ISOM 1500 Insightful Decisions Y        
ISOM 1700 Critical Issues in Business Operations   Y      
ISOM 2500 Business Statistics Y   Y    
ISOM 2700 Operations Management Y   Y    
ISOM 3710 Management Science Y   Y    
ISOM 3730 Quality and Process Management Y   Y    
ISOM 3740 Service Management         Y
ISOM 3760 Logistics Management Y   Y    
ISOM 3900 Decision Analytics Y        
ISOM 4720 Simulation in Business and Management         Y
ISOM 4740 Enterprise Resource Management Y        
ISOM 4750 Business Project Management Y   Y    
ISOM 4770 Supply Chain Management Y Y Y    
ISOM 4780 Operations Strategy         Y
ISOM 4790 Special Topics in Operations Management         Y
ISOM 4810 Best Practices     Y    
ISOM 4820 Revenue Management Y        
ISOM 4840 Financial Service Operations Management Y        
ISOM 4880 Operations Management Project Y   Y    
ISOM 4890 Independent Study in Operations Management         Y

Statistics courses

CourseCourse TitleFallWinterSpringSummerNo Fixed Pattern
ISOM 3530 A Second Course in Business Statistics Y        
ISOM 3540 Introduction to Probability Models Y        
ISOM 4520 Statistics for Financial Risk Management     Y    
ISOM 4530 Statistical Analysis of Financial Data in R/S-plus Y        
ISOM 4540 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting     Y    
ISOM 4550 Bayesian Statistics         Y
ISOM 4580 Elementary Sampling Methods         Y
ISOM 4590 Special Topics in Statistics         Y
ISOM 4690 Independent Study in Business Statistics         Y