Program Curriculum

Combining the world-class expertise of the Schools of Business & Management, Engineering, and Science, RMBI provides a curriculum which caters the market needs with an emphasis on quantitative techniques and business knowledge, to enable high-powered students to reach the frontiers of risk management and business intelligence.


Curriculum Features


Interdisciplinary Courses

Risk management and business intelligence require a strong analytical mind as well as numerical and computing skills. The RMBI program nurtures students with all three elements. The RMBI program interdisciplinary approach builds and synthesizes statistical, mathematical, financial, and information system know-how to develop professional skills and solve risk management problems.


Company-sponsored Capstone Projects

Students undertake capstone projects that strengthen their ability to apply knowledge from different areas in real-world situations. Through working with managers on real business problems, students gain experience in project management and establish future business links.


Business Case Studies

The experiences of global leaders and business cases involving multi-dimensional problems serve as ideal materials for problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical skills trainings and which can be applied in areas ranging from finance, management, consultancy and IT etc.


Focus on Communication and Presentation skills

Presentation and public-speaking are integral parts of a high-flying career. RMBI students have wide range of opportunities to enhancing language proficiency and business communication abilities through the learning experience.


Flexible Elective Options Structure

"Risk Management" and "Business Intelligence" options are available to cater to students’ varying career aspirations. A flexible elective structure also enables students to select courses that suit their own individual interest and broaden their outlook.