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UT Dallas Research Ranking for IS (2017)

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Top 30 IS Researchers in MISQ, ISR and JMIS 2001-2005

The Department has two faculty members among the world's top 30 IS Researchers in a study published in the Communications of the AIS (Vol. 18, 2006, pp. 296-328). Table 7 presents the list based on the top three IS journals: MIS Quarterly (MISQ), Information Systems Research (ISR), and Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) for the period 2001-2005. These three journals are the same three premier IS journals in the recent Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) of the Hong Kong's Research Grants Council.

Top IS Researchers in MISQ, ISR and JMIS 2003-07

In an update of IS faculty research productivity in the top 3 IS journals (ISR, MISQ, JMIS) for 2003-2007, Kar Yan Tam is ranked joint 5th while James Thong is at joint 34th. The ranking is based on 860 authors who published at least one article in one of the "Core Three" IS journals during 2003-2007. As reported in Clark, Warren, and Au, (CAIS, 2009).

Recognition for Quality of Research Output (1997-2002)

The Department ranks among the world's best in terms of quality research in operations management and information systems in an international study conducted by ORMS Today (December 2002, Vol. 29, No. 6), which looked at frequency of publications in the four top journals in the field - Management Science, Operations Research, Information Systems Research and the INFORMS Journal on Computing.  The study which reviewed 1,692 academic units worldwide that specialize in the field placed HKUST in 12th place based on research output from 1997 to 2002.