Useful Links

Case Laboratory I

Case Laboratory I has a capacity of 48 seats and is equipped with audio-visual equipment for teaching, video conference devices and an ISDN communication link for face-to-face communication.

Case Laboratory II and Case Laboratory III

Case Laboratory II/III contains a case-study style classroom for teaching and research purposes. Each has a capacity of 75 seats and is equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment. Each seat has a network socket to facilitate connection to the Internet for notebooks.

Case Laboratory IV and Discussion Rooms

Case Laboratory IV contains a case-study style classroom of 75 seats for teaching and research purposes, together with nine small discussion rooms for small group discussions on business cases. Each discussion room is equipped with a networked computer to facilitate acquiring of relevant information from the Internet.

Behavioral Research Laboratory

The Behavioral Research Laboratory consists of one mini-computer laboratory with five networked computers, three small breakout rooms equipped with a computer for case research on marketing strategies and behavioral areas, and one control room equipped with monitoring devices to interact with the minicomputer laboratory and breakout rooms.

Microsoft.Net Laboratory

The Microsoft.Net Laboratory is a computer classroom established by a donation from Microsoft Corporation. The laboratory is currently equipped with 60 networked Pentium-IV PCs running on Windows XP and installed with the most up-to-date SBM teaching software, to serve both teaching and computer-based experimental learning courses.

PC Laboratory

The PC Laboratory is a large computer laboratory containing about 70 Pentium-IV PCs running on Windows XP for teaching and research purposes. These computers are installed with teaching software for SBM courses together with research software for postgraduate students.

Cisco and Networking Laboratory

Our department has been appointed as a Cisco Regional Networking Academy since 2000. The Cisco and Networking Laboratory is equipped with personal computers and advanced networking equipment such as CISCO routers, intelligent switches, and hubs. Students can enhance their networking and communication skills by practising hands-on experiments guided by experienced teaching assistants.