Prof. Rod DUCLOS

Prof. Rod DUCLOS

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Academic qualification

  • PhD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • MBA Bellarmine University
  • BS Institut Supérieur du Commerce


Behavioral psychology as it relates to consumer welfare (e.g., financial decision-making; brand preferences and product choice; minorities and advertising; hormones, self-esteem, and willingness to pay) and societal welfare (e.g., prosocial behavior; judicial decision-making).



(*) denotes PhD student

"The Psychology of Investment Behavior: (De)Biasing Financial Decision-Making One Graph at a Time", Journal of Consumer Psychology (Vol. 25 (2), 2015). [acceptance rate: 10%]

Prosocial Behavior in Intergroup Relations: How Donor Self-Construal and Recipient Group-Membership Shape Charitableness”, by Rod Duclos and Alixandra Barasch*. Journal of Consumer Research (Vol. 41, June 2014). [acceptance rate: 8%]

→ Media coverage (non-exhaustive):  Science Daily, Science Codex, Phys.Org, UK Fundraising, EconBiz, Explore with Plymouth, HighBeam Research, EurekAlert!,

Show Me the Honey! Effects of Social Exclusion on Financial Risk-Taking”, by Rod Duclos, Echo Wen Wan, and Yuwei Jiang. Journal of Consumer Research (Vol. 40, No. 1; June 2013). [acceptance rate: 8%]

→ Media coverage (non-exhaustive):  CBS, NBC News (the TODAY show), TIME Magazine (x2), US News and World Report, The Atlantic, MSN, Harvard Business Review, Men's Health, Women's Health Magazine, Health Magazine,, Inc., Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Times of India (x2),, Asian Echo, Bankers Column, Business Standard (x2), City OnTopic, Complete Wellbeing, Counsel&Heal, Cowboy Economics (x2), El Dario Del Juego, English Club TV, EurekAlert! (x2),, Forex Market Today, Galactic Informer, Haryana Ab-Tak, Headlines & Global News, Health Fitness 4 Men,,,, Imperial Valley News,, Koç Akademi (in Turkish), Medical Daily,,,, National Affairs, National Post, News Track India, Newswise,, Pacific Standard Magazine, Phys.Org, (x2),, RBC Daily (in Russian), RedOrbit, Retailomania, Science Codex (x2), Science Daily (x2), Science NewsLine, Socially Savvy!, Talent Refresh, The Deccan Chronicle, The Economic Times, The Financial Express (x2), The Hindu (Business Line), The Indian Express (x2), The News Machine, The Responsibility Project by Liberty Mutual, The Stock Market Watch, Therapy Toronto News (x2), Zee News India, NewsUK24, Success.

→ Selected for JCR’s Research Curations (Spring, 2013); reprinted in the Journal of Consumer Research (Vol. 41; June 2014, 17-30).

Preference Exploration and Learning: The Role of Intensiveness and Extensiveness of Experience”, by Steve Hoeffler, Dan Ariely, Pat West, and Rod Duclos. Journal of Consumer Psychology (23, 3 (2013) 330–340). [acceptance rate: 10%]

Making Sense of Numbers: Effects of Alphanumeric Brands on Consumer Inference”, by Dengfeng Yan* and Rod Duclos (equal authorship). International Journal of Research in Marketing (30 (2013) 179–184). [acceptance rate: 6%]

For reference, below are the acceptance rates of major pysch, marketing, and mgmt journals: (ranked by selectivity)

-                       IJRM: 6%
-                       JCR: 8%
-                       JCP: 10%

-                       Psychological Science: 11%
-                       JM: 11%
-                       JMR: 12%
-                       JPSP: 12%
-                       Journal of Retailing: 12%
-                       OBHDP: 12.5%
-                       Marketing Science: 14%
-                       Psychological Review: 15%
-                       Emotion: 16%

-                       Health Psychology: 23%
-                       Psychological Bulletin: 23%
-                       Marketing letters: 30%


(*) denotes PhD student

“Charitable Giving: How Ego-Threats Impact Donations of Time and Money”, by Rod Duclos, Jim Bettman, Paul Bloom, and Gal Zauberman. 2ndround at the Journal of Consumer Research.

“Minority Status in Advertising” by Amy Dalton, Rod Duclos, and Li Huang*. 2nd round at the Journal of Consumer Research.

“The Psychology of Judicial Decision-Making: Ingroup/Outgroup Biases in Jurors’ Verdicts and Sentences” by Rod Duclos and Geetanjali Saluja*. 1stround at Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (OBHDP).

“What Does your Brand “State” About You? An Exploratory Examination of Language Effects on Comparison of Alphanumeric Brand Names”, by Kunter Gunasti, Selcan Kara*, Bill Ross, and Rod Duclos. 1st round at the Journal of Marketing Research.