Prof. Ralf van der LANS

Prof. Ralf van der LANS

Associate Professor

Academic qualification

  • PhD Tiburg University
  • MSc Erasmus University Rotterdam


  • Associate Professor, Erasmus University (2009 - 10)
  • Assistant Professor, Erasmus University (2005 - 09)


Bayesian data analysis; eye movements; retailing; spatial models; visual attention; online marketing.


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Editorial Review Board: International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Marketing, and Journal of Marketing Research.

Ad-hoc reviewer: Marketing Science, Management Science, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Behavior Research Methods, Journal of Classification, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Retailing, International Journal of Advertising, International Marketing Review, EMAC, La Londe Consumer Behavior Conference, AMA, Statistica Neerlandica, Flanders Research Foundation (FWO), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series A).