Funded Projects


  • Understanding demand for counterfeit products in developing nations - DALTON, Amy


  • A rational account of the compromise effect: Theory and experiment - GUO, Liang
  • Choice conflict and persistent preference - MUTHUKRISHNAN, A V
  • Consumer responses to food assortments, menus, and nutrition information -- MUKHOPADHYAY, Anirban
  • Investigation of online consumer search and choice behavior - KIM, Jun
  • Study of heterogeneous impact of the China melamine crisis in the infant formula category- HELSEN, Kristiaan
  • The psychology of investment behavior and financial risk-taking - DUCLOS, Rod
  • The value of commercial zapping: A search model of TV viewing - WANG, Wenbo
  • When does the affective versus the inferential effect of fluency occur? - HONG, Jiewen


  • A rational account of the compromise effect: Theory and experiment - GUO, Liang
  • Ambiguity aversion and preference for the established brand -- MUTHUKRISHNAN, A V
  • Lifestyle formation and prosocial behavior - WANG, Wenbo
  • Modeling deceptive persuasion and consumer - HONG, Jiewen
  • Short-term advertising effects on visual attention during choice impact of online blogs on - GALLI, Maria
  • Sifting through commercials: How commercial break timing and duration affect viewership - WANG, Wenbo
  • The effect of seller-sponsored recommendations on consumer search and choice - KIM, Jun
  • Understanding advertisers' bidding behavior in the auction for TV advertisement spots - ZHAO, Ying


  • Embodied cognition: How sensory perceptions shape cognitions - ADAVAL, Rashmi
  • Managing consumer experience: How do people remember, evaluate and recommend mixed consumption experiences? - ZHOU, Rongrong
  • Negative promotions: When promotional effects trigger psychological reactance - ZHOU, Rongrong
  • Partner selection in brand alliances - VAN DER LANS, Ralf
  • Short-term advertising effects on visual attention during choice impact of online blogs on sales - GALLI, Maria
  • The effect of construal level on estimation of waiting time duration - ZHOU, Rongrong
  • The effect of physical coldness on liking of romance movies - HONG, Jiewen
  • Visual design effects on Consumers' Eye-Movements during choice - VAN DER LANS, Ralf


  • Consumers' lay theories as determinants of normatively inappropriate behavior - MUKHOPADHYAY, Anirban
  • How social identity threat can help (not just hurt): An interdisciplinary investigation - SENGUPTA, Jaideep
  • Modeling deceptive persuasion and consumer search - XIANG Yi
  • Source dependent preference in insurance decision - MUTHUKRISHNAN, A V
  • The interplay between consumption and self-esteem maintenance - DALTON, Amy
  • Tobii T60XL eye tracker hardware package and Dell Precision T5500 Advanced - VAN DER LANS, Ralf
  • When and why do marketing attempts to influence consumers automatically backfire? - DALTON, Amy


  • Ambiguity aversion and established brand preference - MUTHUKRISHNAN, A V
  • Consumer processing and the design of news - XIANG, Yi
  • Deceptive advertising and consumer investigation - XIANG, Yi
  • Firms' re-entry strategy after a product recall due to product-harm crisis - ZHAO, Ying
  • Implementation intentions and multiple goal pursuit - DALTON, Amy
  • Nonconscious consumer correction processes: the role of perceived persuasion intent - DALTON, Amy
  • The dynamics of goal-directed behavior - MUKHOPADHYAY, Anirban
  • The multiple influences of mixed emotions on consumer judgment and decision making - HONG, Jiewen
  • The psychology of conation behavior: why do consumers engage in prosocial behavior - DUCLOS, Rod
  • When prevention-oriented investors take greater risks - ZHOU, Rongrong


  • Ambiguity aversion and preference for the established brand -- MUTHUKRISHNAN, A V

  • Brands as self-expression vehicles: valuing brands we want to be like and devaluing those we don't -- DALTON, Amy

  • Cross-cultural differences in reactivity to emotion-eliciting visual and verbal stimuli: Impact on consumer responses -- GALLI, Maria

  • Cultural differences in consumer decision making -- HONG, Jiewen

  • Modeling consumer choice behavior in the wake of product-harm crisis -- ZHAO, Ying

  • Sticky choices in unfiltered choice sets -- MUTHUKRISHNAN, A V

  • The packaging of news -- XIANG, Yi

  • 1. The psychology of donation behavior: Why do consumers engage in prosocial behavior? 2. When is income tax perceived fair? -- DUCLOS, Rod

  • Voluntary quality disclosure and market interaction: theoretical and experimental analysis -- GUO, Liang


  • An optimal sampling network for new product testing -- SONG, Inseong

  • Farmers' crop choices and decision making -- MUTHUKRISHNAN, A V

  • Flattery and its consequences: A new look -- SENGUPTA, Jaideep

  • Pay as you wish: A sustainable pricing strategy? -- ZWICK, Rami

  • The impact of product recalls on consumer behavior and market responsiveness: An empirical cross-country analysis -- HELSEN, Kristiaan


  • Ambiguity aversion and preference for the established brand -- MUTHUKRISHNAN, A V

  • Centralized RA support for 2007 RPC projects of Marketing Department -- ZWICK, Rami

  • Divestment strategies of multinational enterprises' subsidiaries in China: Reasons and models -- HELSEN, Kristiaan

  • News Consumption and Media Bias -- XIANG, Yi

  • Opinion leaders and new-product diffusion through social networks: An experimental analysis -- ZWICK, Rami

  • Understanding impulsive consumption behavior: The role of regulatory focus -- ZHOU, Rongrong

  • Using classical conditioning to persuade consumers: Impact on brand attitudes and behavior -- GALLI, Maria


  • Assessing the impact of consumption uncertainty on consumer choice: A structural approach -- GUO, Liang

  • Attitude change via associative mechanisms: A preliminary investigation of classical conditioning of brand beliefs -- GALLI, Maria

  • Consumer evolution and targeting in the credit card market -- ZHAO Ying

  • Determinants of consumers' responses to sequences of unintended purchase opportunities -- MUKHOPADHYAY, Anirban

  • Embarrassment about condoms in China and coping with it -- GORN Gerald J


  • Additude change via associative mechanisms: A preliminary investigation of mediators and moderators -- GALLI, Maria

  • An empirical analysis of price negotiation in the automobile market -- ZHAO, Ying

  • Antecedents and consequences of valence effects in the informativeness of stated preferences -- MUKHOPADHYAY, Anirban

  • Consumption flexibility, product configuration and market competition -- GUO, Liang

  • Effect of cultural salience on goal pursuits: Implications for behavioral decisions and judgments -- BRILEY, Donnel

  • Experimental business research -- ZWICK, Rami

  • Experimental investigation of multi-stage contests -- ZWICK, Rami

  • Manipulating self-awareness to influence customer satisfaction -- PHAM, Michel

  • Processing information in multiple sense modalities: Impact on judgments and decisions -- ADAVAL, Rashmi

  • The effects of the valence of the initial information and the challenge characteristics on the magnitude of evaluation revision -- MUTHUKRISHNAN, A.V.

  • The formation and malleability of brand personality -- SENGUPTA, Jaideep


  • HK vehicle registration marks study -- VANHONACKER, Wilfried

  • Learn from self and from others in the cell phone market -- ZHAO, Ying

  • Micromodeling the dynamics of aggregate demand for new products a) Micromodeling the new product adoption process with heterogeneous and forward-looking consumers b) Modeling trial and repeat purchases for a new consumer packaged good -- SONG, Inseong

  • Summer symposium on marketing -- VANHONACKER, Wilfried

  • The asymmetric effect of discount retraction on subsequent choice -- MUTHUKRISHNAN, A.V.


  • A cross-country analysis of consumer store brand preferences, perceptions, and risk -- ZHAO, Ying
  • An investigation of factors that influence perceptions of website download time -- GORN, Gerald J
  • Consumer reactions to waiting and queuing and implications for the management -- ZHOU, Rongrong
  • Decisions whether to purchase to defer: Cultural and other influences -- BRILEY, Donnel
  • Depersonalizing guanxi-driver sales -- VANHONACKER, Wilfried
  • Experimental based teaching for network economy -- ZWICK, Rami
  • Impact of market research on an oligopolistic market -- HEIL, Oliver
  • Investigation cross-category effects of a retailer's marketing activities -- SONG, Inseong
  • Investigating the impact product knowledge on buyer's store brand choice -- ZHAO, Ying
  • Is the internet an influential socializing agent for teenagers? -- LEE, Cristina
  • Marketing mix synergies: Price promotions and coupons -- SONG, Inseong
  • The effects of fear arousing communications on memory storage -- PRICE, Lydia
  • The long-term marketing impact of product harm crises -- BRILEY, Donnel


  • A self-regulation model of individual investors' decision-making -- ZHOU, Ronrgong
  • Affect and decision making -- WYER, Robert S. Jr
  • An e-tailer's strategy when its service quality is unobservable - ZHAO, Hao
  • Customizing dealer promotion: A structure analysis on consumers' car buying and leasing behavior -- ZHAO, Ying
  • Family influence in the adoption of new technology -- LEE, Christina K C
  • Price dispersion in the grocery marker -- ZHAO, Ying
  • The effects of prior spending on future spending decisions: The role of acquisition liabilities and payments -- ZHAO, Ying
  • The impact of overheard comments on consumers' purchase decisions -- ZHOU, Rongrong
  • The mental representation of event sequences and its influence on judgments -- ADAVAL, Rashmi
  • What is remembered and what is lost? Information relevance and memory for ads containing fear appeals -- PRICE, Lydia J


  • A motivational accessment of cultural influence -- BRILEY, Donnel A
  • Automatic construction and use of contextual information for product and price evaluations -- ADAVAL, Rashmi
  • Close encounters of two kinds: False alarms and dashed hopes -- RAO, Akshay R
  • Consumer debt and financing decisions -- SOMAN, Dilip Y
  • Consumer perception and attitudes towards genetically-modified food products: a comparative study -- SALVACRUZ, Joseph
  • Electronic subject pool maintenance system -- PRICE, Lydia J
  • The effects of framing product bundles -- MUTHUKRISHNAN, Anaimalai V
  • The influence of culture, situations and values on intrapersonal and interpersonal decisions -- BRILEY, Donnel A
  • The impact of "Mobile Number Portability" on consumer welfare: The case of the mobile phone industry in Hong Kong -- CHIANG, Jeongwen
  • Physiological effects of fear on memory for advertising content -- PRICE, Lydia J
  • Promiscnous or confident?: attributions made about condom purchasers -- GORN, Gerald J
  • Strategic quality decisions under heterogeneous resource endowments -- SALVACRUZ, Joseph
  • Strengthening vs. weakening effects of inconsistencies in attribute information: A resolution of opposing perspectives -- SENGUPTA Jaideep
  • Web-based subject recruitment system -- ZWICK, Rami


  • Consumer choice amongst wide assortments: The effects of nominal and ordinal assortments on decision-making, sales and profits -- SOMAN, Dilip Y
  • Cultural universals and differences in color preferences among consumers and among marketing managers -- GORN, Gerald J
  • Effect of radicals on consumer behavior -- VANHONACKER, Wilfried R R
  • Experimental investigation of bargaining efficiency improvement -- ZWICK, Rami
  • Hybrid channel system under competition with net-only direct marketers -- RHEE, Byong-Duk
  • Influence of price deliberation on choice stability -- BRILEY, Donnel A
  • Match vs. mismatch: the interaction of processing instructions and available cues on the attitude-behavior link -- SENGUPTA, Jaideep
  • Modelling and measuring the effects of path characteristics on judgments: When high satisfaction might not imply high choice -- SOMAN, Dilip Y
  • Offline retailer's online marketing under competition with net-only retailers -- RHEE, Byong-Duk
  • The accession of China to the world trade organization and country-of-origin effects of Chinese product on U.S. consumer -- SALVACRUZ, Joseph
  • Understanding the processess underlying cultural influence on decision making -- BRILEY, Donnel A
  • Weighing costs and benefits in intertemporal decisions -- MUTHUKRISHNAN, Anaimalai V


  • Alternative mechanisms for reducing exploitation in resource dilemmas under uncertainty --   RAPOPORT, Amnon 
  • Auction on the internet    ZWICK, Rami
  • Bargaining, coordination, and public good provision in experimental markets --   ZWICK, Rami,  PILLUTLA, Madan M, WESTLAND, James C, TUNG, Winton Au Wing, CHEN, Xiaoping, RAPOPORT, Amnon, LEVECQ, Hugues Alain, LEE, Ching Chyi, KIM, Chung Kweon, HONG, Ying Yi, FREDERICKSON, James R, CHEW, Soo Hong, TAN, Guofu
  • Context effects on consumer choice: Implications for marketing strategy  --  MUTHUKRISHNAN, Anaimalai V, RAMASWAMI, Seshan
  • Culture and cognition: How cognitive styles in Chinese and North American cultures influence consumer behavior --   PRICE, Lydia J, BRILEY, Donnel A
  • Cultural priming and consumer behavior  --   BRILEY, Donnel A
  • Customer satisfaction, retention, and recovery: An integrated approach to customer relationship management  --  CHIANG, Jeongwen, ROBINSON, Williams T, TANG, Tiejun
  •  Decoupling technological inertia from preemptive barriers: Organizational learning and incumbent advantage   -- HAN, Jin Kyung
  • Demand uncertainty and risk sharing between channel members -- RHEE, Byong-duk 
  • Does a picture speak a thousand words?: Research on the consumption of contemporary chinese art  --  JOY, Annamma
  • Dynamic repeat-purchase model for multi-generation technological products -- HAN, Jin Kyung,  KIM, Namwoon
  • Illusion of validity in market-place choices -- MUTHUKRISHNAN, Anaimalai V
  • Salesforce incentive schemes and consumer inferencesl -- SHI, Mengze ,   KALRA, Ajay, SRINIVASAN, Kannan
  • The dynamics of advertising & price effects on trial/repeat of new products: An emperical study -- HELSEN, Kristiaan
  • The impact of mobile number portability on the Hong Kong mobile phone industry  --  CHIANG, Jeongwen
  • The interrelations among visual and verbal aspects of product information  --  WYER JR, Robert S 
  • The priming of incidental emotions in advertisements --  ADAVAL, Rashmi 
  • Transnational or social capital? Returnee scholars as private entrepreneurs -- VANHONACKER, Wilfried


  • A culture-oriented model of behavior -- BRILEY, Donnel A 
  • Analyzing cross-price effects for multi-category multi-generation technological products -- KIM, Nam Woon 
  • Are there market share rewards for pan-regional brands? An empirical study -- HELSEN, Kristiaan 
  • Areas of Excellence in experimental business research -- ZWICK, Rami 
    Sequential consumer search with relative ranks -- RAPOPORT, Amnon , ZWICK, Rami, MUTHUKRISHNAN, Anaimalai V
  • Amount of information, elaboration, and attitudinal resistance -- MUTHUKRISHNAN, Anaimalai V, MUNGALE, R Amitabh, PHAM, Tuan Michel, VANHONACKER, Wilfried R R
  • Attributes vs. social norms: examining the impact of culture on the formation of purchase intentions -- SENGUPTA, Jaideep, AAKER, Jennifer
  • Brand choice as a sequential optimal option search -- VANHONACKER, Wilfried R R 
  • Business strategies for the market- and the "less" market-oriented -- HAN, Jin Kyung 
  • Chinese culture and consumer cognition: A review and discussion -- PRICE, Lydia J 
  • Context effects on consumer choice -- MUTHUKRISHNAN, Anaimalai V, RAMASWAMI, Seshan
  • Externalities with differentiated products: The case of the cellular phone industry in Hong Kong  --  CHIANG, Jeongwen 
  • Food retail modernization: a process model and a multi-country evaluation --  KRIDER, Bob E  GOLDMAN, Arieh, RAMASWAMI, Seshan
  • Quality signaling and salesforce compensation schemes -- SHI, Mengze ,   SRINIVASAN, Kannan
  • Impact of Hong Kong's hand-over to China on Hong Kong's international agricultural trade and marketing strategy -- CHIANG, Jeongwen,  SALVACRUZ, Joseph
  • Retailing methods and buyer behavior in cyberspace -- ZWICK, Rami, GOLDMAN, Arieh 
  • The advent of the Internet as a new direct marketing channel and power conflict in a hybrid channel system -- RHEE, Byong-duk, PARK, Seung Y
  • The distribution and sales of Chinese contemporary art -- JOY, Annamma 
  • The effect on the degree of newness of a really new product on consumers' judgments  --  ZIAMOU, Paschalina 
  • Use of visual mental imagery in new product design -- GORN, Gerald J, CHATTOPADHYAY, Amitava


  • A busy mind is the devil's workshop: Why marketers of new products may not want consumers to think too much  --  SENGUPTA, Jaideep 
  • A survey of condom acquisition -- GORN, Gerald J 
  • Biases in consumers' area judgements  -- WYER JR, Robert S
  • Bonus pack or price-off: Does it matter? --  HELSEN, Kristiaan , CHIANG, Jeongwen
  • Buyer-seller negotiation with sequential alternating offer rule -- ZWICK, Rami 
  • Facilitating sales processes in industrial markets: antecedents and consequences -- KIM, Nam Woon 
  • Individual purchase behavior and brand choice cycles -- VANHONACKER, Wilfried R R
  • The "Illusion of Control" bias in brand choice decisions -- MUTHUKRISHNAN, Anaimalai V, RAMASWAMI, Seshan
  • The impact of display characteristics on the encoding of brand prices in the supermarket -- RAMASWAMI, Seshan,  MUNGALE, Amitabh R, SAWYER, Alan G
  • Undoing the wrong doings of brand extensions -- HAN, Jin Kyung 


  • An analysis of the competitive pricing interplay between incumbents and new entrants -- HELSEN, Kristiaan
  • An experimental investigation of the behavioral effects of product lining strategies  --  RAMASWAMI, Seshan 
  • Dynamic market growth of the competing product categories and successive generations -- KIM, Nam Woon
  • Experiments on habit formation and intertemporal choice -- WATHIEU, Luc R F G, HEY, John
  • Global information and telecommunications industries forum  -- PRICE, Lydia J 
  • Information and waiting: a marketing perspective -- HUI, Michael K M, RAGHUBIR, Priya, TSE, David K C
  • Limitations on supermarket growth: The Hong Kong case -- KRIDER, Bob E , GOLDMAN, Arieh
  • Measuring brand clout and vulnerability: An approach which recognizes unequal consideration and asymmetric dominance -- VANHONACKER, Wilfried R R 
  • Order-of-entry effects in brand extension decision -- HAN, Jin Kyung 
  • Piecemeal comparisons in advertising -- MUTHUKRISHNAN, Anaimalai V, WARLOP, Luk
  • Vital dimensions -- RAGHUBIR, Priya 
  • Warranty signals and bond credibility: Can credibility hurt more than it helps? --   PRICE, Lydia J 


  • A meta-analysis of meta-analyses in marketing: Do we understand what's really going on? -- VANHONACKER, Wilfried R R, PRICE, Lydia J, LEHMANN, Donald R
  • Are you still sensitive to promotion? -- HAN, Sang Man
  • Assimilation and contrast effects of promotional incentives and brand image on price expectations: When is the depth of a discount a proxy for price? -- RAGHUBIR, Priya 
  • Consumer shopping dynamics and power retailing in the grocery sector -- KRIDER, Bob E, RAMASWAMI, Seshan
  • Expected waiting duration: When will be the best time to inform the customer? --  HUI, Michael K M 
  • Preference inducement through promotion -- WATHIEU, Luc R F G, BRONNENBERG, Bart
  • Risk and information search in adopting the technological products -- KIM, Nam Woon SRIVASTAVA, Rajendra K