postgraduate courses offered in fall 2018/19

MGMT 5110 Managerial Communication Prof. Caroline Wang
MGMT 5230 Management of Organizations Prof. Stephen Nason
MGMT 5550 Effective Negotiations Prof. Stephen Nason
MGMT 5570 Applied Merger and Acquistion Prof. Chris Doran
MGMT 5580 China's External Relations and Their Economic Impact Mr. Frank Ching
MGMT 5590 Responsible Leadership and Ethics Prof. Christopher Mitya New
MGMT 5670 Managing Change Prof. Wendy Grusin
MGMT 5680 Politics and Socioeconomic Envionment of China Prof. David Zweig
MGMT 5730 Social Entrepreneurship and Venture Philanthropy Prof. Marie Rosencarntz
MGMT 5760 Management Consulting Prof. Chris Doran
MGMT 5780 Managing Strategic Alliances in China Mr. Johnny Chen
MGMT 5830 People Development: Coaching for High Performance Ms. Penelope Van Niel
MGMT 6500S Crack the Case Mr. Alain Sepulchre
MGMT 6500Z Managing Creativity and Innovation Prof. Yaping Gong
MGMT 6510E Strategic Management Research Prof. Jinyu He
MGMT 6520E Building a Coaching Culture in Teams and Organization Prof. Christopher Mitya New
MGMT 6520H Principles for Global Leaders Prof. Steve Dekrey
MGMT 6520K Leading Organizational Change Prof. Wai Kwong Seck
MGMT 6520L Cross-cultural Negotiation Prof. Melody Chao
MGMT 6520M Managerial Decision Making and Leadership Prof. Caroline Wang
MGMT 6520N Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage Prof. Christine Loh & Ms Pamela Mar
MGMT 7140 Doctoral Seminar in Behavioral Research Methods Prof. Ellick Wong