postgraduate courses offered in spring 2020/21

MGMT 5110 Managerial Communication Prof. Caroline Wang
MGMT 5230 Management of Organizations Prof. Stephen Nason
MGMT 5410 Strategic Management Prof. Chris Doran
MGMT 5480 Strategic Management in China Prof. JT Li
MGMT 5480 Strategic Management in China Prof. Bilian Sullivan
MGMT 5490 Irrational and Rational Thinking and Judgment in Management  Prof. Ellick Wong
MGMT 5550 Effective Negotiations Prof. Larry Franklin & Prof. Stephen Nason
MGMT 5550 Effective Negotiations Prof. Stephen Nason
MGMT 5570 Applied Merger and Acquistion Prof. Chris Doran
MGMT 5590 Responsible Leadership and Ethics Prof. Mark Mihorean
MGMT 5730 Social Entrepreneurship and Venture Philanthropy Prof. Marie Rosencarntz
MGMT 5750 Deal Making across Asia and China Prof. Larry Franklin
MGMT 5760 Management Consulting Prof. Chris Doran
MGMT 5950 Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage Prof. Christine Loh & Prof. Pamela Mar
MGMT 5960 Achieving High Performance in Teams Prof. Christopher Mitya New
MGMT 6510D Decisions and Leadership Prof. Caroline Wang
MGMT 6510L Advanced Topics in Strategic Management Prof. J. T. Li
MGMT 7150 Doctoral Seminar in Cognition Prof. Ellick Wong