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Seminar list 2007

December, 2007

December 6, 2007
Ms Di Guo, University of Edinburgh
An Empirical Study on Venture Capitalists' Investment Preferences in China


December 14, 2007
Prof. Albert Cannella, Tulane University
Top Management Team Functional Background Diversity and Firm Performance: Examining the Roles of Team Member Co-Location and Environmental Uncertainty


December 21, 2007
Mr. Song CHANG, HKUST (PhD Thesis Defence)
The Impact of Flexibility-Enchancing Human Resource Management Practices on Firm Adaptability: The Mediating Role of Absorptive Capacity


November, 2007

November 2, 2007
Prof. Dean Tjosvold, Lingnan University
Managing Conflict Between the West and China: How Diverse People Can Develop a Common Approach


November 16, 2007
Mr. Jesper Edman, Stockholm School of Economics
Foreign Firms and Host Country Institutional Change: The Case of Loan Syndication in the Japanese Banking Industry


November 23, 2007
Prof. László Pólos, Durham University
Categorization and Type Casting


October, 2007

October 26, 2007
Prof. Riki, Takeuchi and Miss May Wang, HKUST
Social Information Processing Model of Social Exchange Provess: Moderating Effects of Informational Justice


September, 2007

September 21, 2007
Prof. Haibin Yang, City University of Hong Kong
Acquisitions, Alliances, and Learning: A Social Network Perspective


July, 2007

July 6, 2007
Dr. Patty Farh, Senior Manager, HR Talent & Learning, IBM Greater China
How does HR Learning Contribute to Business Results: The Case of IBM China


June, 2007

June 8, 2007
Prof. Anthea Zhang, Rice University
May You to be My Friends: Dividend Payouts as a Shareholder Management Strategy in Chinese Publicly Listed Companies, 1998 - 2002


June 15, 2007
Prof. Joe Cheng, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Multinational Strategy, Subsidiary Role and Managerial Competencies; Toward an Integrative Model


June 26, 2007
Prof. Xiao-Ping Chen, University of Washington
To whom Do Positive Norm and Negative Norm of Receprocity Apply? Effects of Inequitable Offer, Relationship, and Relational -self Orientation


June 28, 2007
Prof. Emilio J. Castilla, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gender, Race, and Meritocracy in Organizational Careers


May, 2007

May 4 , 2007
Prof. Yaping Gong, HKUST
Learning Mind and Stimulating Leader: How Do They Affect Creative Performance? A Three - Wave Field Longitudinal Investigation.


May 11 , 2007
Prof. Bilian Sullivan, HKUST
Divergence in Status Evaluation: Theoretical Implications for a Social Construction View of Status Building


May 21, 2007
Prof. Andrew Van de Ven, University of Minnesota
Engaged Scholarship: A Guide for Organizational and Social Research


April, 2007

April 13 , 2007
Prof. Daphna Oyserman, University of Michigan
Culture as Situated Cognition


March, 2007

March 7 , 2007
Miss Huang Guohua and Mr. Liang Jian, HKUST
Workplace self-concept: A new conceptualization of self-concept in organizations


March 12 , 2007
Mr Chang Song, HKUST
Flexibility in HRM: Conceptualization and Effects on Organizational Adaptability


March 30 , 2007
Prof. Jinyu He, HKUST
Firm Knowledge Assets and Economic Performance: Exploring the "Fit" between Firm Resource Composition and Corporate Governance System


January, 2007

January 5, 2007
Mr. Daylian Cain, Harvard University
The Dirt on Coming Clean: Conflicts of Interest & the Perverse Effects of Disclosure


January 5 , 2007
Mr. Puay Khoon Toh, University of Michigan
Structure - Scope Matching: A Study of the Interrelationship Between Organization Structure and Innovation in the Communications Industry


January 8 , 2007
Mr. Dali Ma, University of Chicago
Academy of Capitalism: Organizational Transformation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the Creation of Private Entrepreneurs


January 11 , 2007
Mr. Zhi Huang, Boston College
The Status-contingency Value of Interorganizational Relations: An Identity-Based Explanation


January 25 , 2007
Mr. Evan Rawley, University of California Berkeley
Diversification and Adaptation: How Organization Drives Taxi Firm Performance


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