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Position Name   E-Mail
Department Head/
Prof Yaping GONG mnygong
Lee Quo Wei Professor of Business/
Chair Professor
Prof J.T. LI mnjtli
Professor Prof Riki TAKEUCHI mnrikit
Associate Professor Prof Melody CHAO mchao
Associate Professor Prof Jinyu HE mnjhe
Associate Professor Prof Huiwen LIAN huiwen
Associate Professor Prof Bilian Ni SULLIVAN mnbilian
Associate Professor Prof Ellick K.F. WONG mnewong
Associate Professor Prof Jing ZHU jingzhu
Assistant Professor Prof Jaee CHO jaeecho
Assistant Professor Prof David DANIELS ddaniels
Assistant Professor Prof Sam GARG samgarg
Assistant Professor Prof Chaitali (Tali) KAPADIA talikapadia
Assistant Professor Prof Yong H. KIM yhk
Assistant Professor Prof Yonghoon G. LEE yglee
Assistant Professor Prof John LI qiangli
Assistant Professor Prof Pavel ZHELYAZKOV pzhelyazkov
Assistant Professor Prof Christy ZHOU KOVAL christyzk
Emeritus Faculty      
Professor Emeritus Prof Larry Jiing-Lih FARH mnlfarh
Teaching Track Faculty      
Professor of Business Practice Prof Stephen W NASON mnsnason
Associate Professor of Business Education Prof Paul W FORSTER pforster
Associate Professor of Business Education Prof Roger LEVERMORE rjleverm
Associate Professor of Business Education, Associate Dean Prof Emily M. NASON enason
Assistant Professor of Business Education Prof Mark MIHOREAN markmi
Adjunct & Visiting Faculty      
Adjunct Professor Prof Roger (Rongxin) CHEN rchen
Adjunct Professor Prof Steven J DEKREY sjdekrey
Adjunct Professor Prof Laurence C. FRANKLIN lcfran
Adjunct Professor Prof Marshall MEYER meyer
Adjunct Professor Prof James ROOT jroot
Adjunct Professor Prof Caroline C. WANG wangcc
Adjunct Professor Prof Po Chi WU wupc
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Kin H. CHAN kinchan
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Johnny CHEN johnnychen
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Thian CHEW acchew
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Frank CHING frching
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Patty FARH patty.farh
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Wendy GRUSIN wendyg
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Mitya NEW chrisnew
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Stephen OLSON  
Adjunct Assistant Professor Prof Joon Nak CHOI jnchoi
Adjunct Assistant Professor Prof Mary HO maryho
Adjunct Assistant Professor Prof Carmen NG carmenkng
Adjunct Assistant Professor Prof Lucia YEUNG luciayeung
General Office      
Executive Officer (UG & PG Programs) Ms Margaret M. L. CHAN immar
Program Officer Ms Daphne CHEUNG mndaphne
Program Assistant Ms Claire W. H. LEE mnclaire
Clerk Ms Karina K. Y. YICK mnkarina
Teaching/Research Support Staff      
Teaching Associate Ms Sangeetha RAMALINGAM geeth
Instructional Assistant Mr Michael CHAN chanlc
Instructional Assistant Ms Delana DU delanan
Instructional Assistant Ms Kitty K Y LAU kittylau
Instructional Assistant Mr Jay Barry NG bmbng
Instructional Assistant Ms Becky TSUI mnbecky
Instructional Assistant Ms Ginnie TSUI gtyl
Instructional Assistant Ms Queenie YAM queenieyam
Instructional Assistant Mr Peter YIP peteryip