- Overseas Exchange


    - Internships


    - Enrichment Courses


    - QFIN Seminar Series


    - Training in Personal Development


    - Faculty Advising Scheme

Program Features

The BSc in Quantitative Finance program is based on a unique curriculum that helps students develop a strong understanding of the finance concepts, computational methods, and business principles to pursue a career in today’s finance industry. The program is both challenging and selective, offering a wide range of training courses and enrichment opportunities.

The Overseas Exchange provides students’ with overseas experience and develops their cultural awareness.  With over 125 exchange partners, students are eligible to participate in the program and study abroad for one semester.

Summer Internships are available to students during summer, which allow them to gain practical experience in the business world.

The Finance Practicum gives students an opportunity to work with companies and to learn how to apply their knowledge to solve real problems in finance.

Bloomberg Product Certification Program taught by Bloomberg’s in-house trainers are offered exclusively to students in the program. Upon completion of the training sessions, students are awarded a recognized Bloomberg Certificate.

The Quantitative Finance Seminar Series invites professionals and market participants from the finance industry to discuss challenges and developments in this exciting profession, as well as to share their experiences with the students.

Training in Personal Development and Language Skills equips students during their undergraduate studies.  A series of workshops on soft-skills training, conducted by professional trainers, are arranged for students.

The Faculty Advising Scheme offers study, career and, in some cases, personal advice to students.  Monthly group meetings and social gatherings are also organized to foster students-faculty relations.