Business Teaching Series

May 6 2011
Albert Ha & Joseph Salvacruz
Engaging students through simulations or experiential exercises
June 3 2011
Larry Franklin & Stephen Nason
Team teaching in MBA and exec. education
September 2 2011
Vidhan Goyal and Prof. Jaideep Sengupta
Taking Research into the Executive Classroom
October 7 2011
Emily Nason and Allen Huang
Engaging Students in a Large (or core) Undergraduate Class
November 4 2011
Alex Markle and Rashmi Adaval
Dealing with Differences in the Classroom
December 2 2011
Rod Duclos and Jinyu He
Discipline in the classroom - why and how
March 2 2012
Veronique Lafon-Vinais & Melody Chao
Engaging Student Interest
May 4 2012
Kai-Lung Hui & Anirban Mukhopadhyay
Maintaining the balance between research and teaching