HKUST Business School QA Framework

SBM’s Quality Assurance framework underpins the business school’s commitment to academic excellence. It exists to support the continual improvement of educational experience of the students at local and global level. This framework was designed to provide a robust and coordinated approach to quality assurance.

QA Framework of the Business School emphasis a commitment to comprehensive, open and inclusive processes that are effective, fully aligned with the schools mission and also maintains academic standards.

Business School’s enhancement towards Quality Assurance by organizing “QA Committee” to foresee the delivery of the quality in its educational programs.

•    Chairman and members of the QA committee were appointed by the Dean. 

Prof. Garvin Percy DIAS (Director, Center for Business Education)
Prof. Anirban MUKHOPADHYAY (Associate Dean, Undergraduate studies)
Prof. Tai-Yuan CHEN (Chairman, MBA Committee)
Prof. Yan XU (Academic Director, HKUST EMBA)
Prof. Jaideep SENGUPTA (Academic Director, KH EMBA)
Prof. Jiewen HONG (Director, MPhil/PhD Programs)
Mr. Chris TSANG (Head, School Development & MSc Program Director)
Ms. Helen CHEN (Head, Communications and External Affairs)
One representative from each department (program coordinator from UG or MSc or MBA or PhD)

•    QA committee established Triggered Review Mechanism, which activates when overall course mean evaluation is less than 50%.

•    Each Undergraduate and Postgraduate program developed course Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs), Learning Objectives and corresponding Assessment Rubrics for measuring the ILOs.

•    Assessment Plan for periodic cycle (2 years) was developed to showcase the required courses to measure the learning goals and objectives.

•    Measurement of Learning goals are carried out with the help of “Assessment Rubrics” and data collected via online “AOL” reporting system.

The HKUST Business School assures that the quality procedures are applied systematically to all the departments and other units thereby enabling the business school to achieve its excellence in quality teaching and learning.