Internationalization is an integral element of the undergraduate experience. The importance of allowing students to attain global perspectives first-hand by immersing themselves in another culture is highly recognized. To support this objective is the Business School’s long established exchange program. The School has the most extensive student exchange network in Asia, with 110 partner schools worldwide. Our partners consist of highly-renowned universities in North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Continuing negotiations for new exchange agreements mean a constantly widening choice of options for students.

Around 3,000 students have been chosen for academic exchanges since the program’s inception in 1995. Every year close to 400 undergraduates, that is over half of the School’s BBA/BSc student population, spend a semester at renowned Business Schools overseas each year. To allow for greater global exposure, some students can be selected for two semester exchanges at separate universities.  

With such a large exchange program, the HKUST Business School provides an excellent environment for both outgoing and incoming students to gain international experience.

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