Undergraduate Halls

Charges for 2009 - 10

Types of room:
Twin-bed rooms or bunk-bed rooms of double occupancy
Charges per a semester:
Around HKD $5,500 - $7,500 HKD per a semester
Facilities in rooms:
Rooms are equipped with air-conditioners and residents pay for the actual amount of electricity consumed by purchasing stored value cards from their respective Hall Office.
Furnished with desks, chairs, bookshelves, beds (no bedding) and wardrobes.
There are computer outlets in rooms for linking personal computers to the university network.
The UG Hall VI has a sink in the room.
The new UG Hall VII has one shared bathroom between 2 rooms.
Common facilities:
Bathrooms, showers, pantries, microwave ovens, refrigerator, coin-operated washing machines and dryers and common rooms with TVs.
Shared telephones on each floor for local calls only (free of charge).
Residents may make international calls by using public pay phones on campus (or in the common room of each hall). These phones can be either operated with coins or telephone cards.
Payment upon arrival. All hall charges must be settled by HKD cash, travelers' cheque or bank draft before receiving a room key. No credit cards are acceptable.
As it takes about a week or so to clear a foreign bank draft or get money wired, please make sure that you have brought enough cash to cover the hall charges and other expenses for your first week of arrival.
Students shall provide their own bedding (bed sheets, pillows, blankets and etc).
Bed size may vary a little between different types of room but the size is about 2.5'(W) x 6'(L).

* Charges paid are normally non-refundable.
* Charges are to be paid immediately after check-in.
*Charges will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis if the offer period is different from the standard one.