Exchange-in students will have accommodation on-campus depending on availability . The Undergraduate Student Halls are conveniently located on the campus but also near the seafront and within close walking distance to many recreation amenities.

All necessary information to apply for on-campus housing will be provided in the 1st Exchange Information Package. Students should pay attention to the deadlines and the submission information as application forms are to be directly submitted to the Student Housing Office (SHO). Exchange Students will receive emails from SHO on their applications during:

Fall Semester July – Submission Deadline
July – Acknowledgement email
August – Room Allocation email
(*Earliest Check-in around 27 August)
Spring Semester November – Submission Deadline
December – Acknowledgement email
January - Room Allocation email
(*Earliest Check-in around 15 January)
General Housing Inquiries

The Student Housing Office (SHO) operates as a separate office and more information can be found on their website. Emails regarding related inquiries can be sent to their office at:

Unless you are a confirmed exchange student, please do not email the SHO. Please note that SHO may not be able to accommodate requests for earlier check-in owing to room unavailability.



Types of Accommodations
Student Hall Charges
Housing Application Form