Exchange students will be given all the instructions and deadlines for the application of a Student Visa in their 1st Exchange Information Package. It is required by the Hong Kong Immigration Department that overseas students must obtain a proper Student Visa to study in Hong Kong. Students without the right of abode in Hong Kong or without a valid student visa will not be permitted to study here.

Exchange Students will have two options for applying for a Student Visa:

1) Apply through our office; OR
2) Apply at your local Chinese Embassy / Consulate-General

It is strongly recommended for students to choose Option 1 their student visa through our office. Many students that have applied for visas through the Chinese Consulate have encountered difficulties. Click on the links on the right-hand side for more details about each option.

Student Visa Fee
The administrative fee for the student visa is HK$400. Effective in Fall 2011, a central office at HKUST will help to handle student visas. This fee includes administrative charges and also courier of labels back to students. 
Processing Time
In either case, please allow at least 8 weeks for your visa application


Apply through our Office
Apply at your local Chinese Embassy / Consulate-General