Exchange-in for the 2006-07 Academic Year
University of Northumbria, UK

Hong Kong: Too many memories...

You will hear many stories about Asia but until you have experienced it first hand, you will not be able to realise how fantastic this continent is! HONG KONG, for me, has been an eye-opening experience! When I first began my studies here, HKUST was mentioned by one or two professors as the Hong Kong University of Stress and Torture. However, I quickly learned this is definitely NOT the case. The right balance of work and play is essential, and the saying “Work hard, play harder” is perfect definition for exchange here in Hong Kong.

The University has got to be one of the nicest in the world. How many Universities’ can boost their own private beach? Not many! To wake up on a morning, go out onto the balcony and see the view of the sea has been terrific. The facilities here are excellent and very well maintained, and they are all free to use. The living costs here are extremely cheap.

Coming from the UK, I have never been able to realise what nice weather actually was. The sun has been shining since day one. When I return to home to the UK -- all I will do is complain about gloomy weather!

The British Council contacted HKUST about scholarship opportunities for UK students studying in Hong Kong. I applied and to my very surprise – I was successfully! This was a marvellous bonus and will help me greatly in my studies, travelling and also to enjoy my time here more.

Hong Kong is in the centre of Asia. If you want to go North you can go to Japan, China or Korea. If you would prefer the South then you have the choice of Bali, Philippines, or Malaysia. If you want to explore the West then you can try Vietnam, Thailand, Laos or Cambodia. The difference between all of these countries is amazing, even the difference between Beijing and Shanghai are large.

For me, this has to be one of the best experiences of my life. I have met so many people from around the world who I will definitely be keeping in touch with for a long, long time. My advice to you is do not pass up on this amazing and unforgettable opportunity!


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