Exchange-in for the 2004-05 Academic Year

Edgar Mayorga
Montrerrey Tech Univ, Mexico

"The first day I arrived, I soon realized that I would fall in love with the city and, most of all, with the culture. Now, I understand why HK is called the heart of Asia. It is indeed a very cosmopolitan place..." more

Karin Sjunnesson
Lund Univ, Sweden

"It is very important for students in the higher education sector to gain an international perspective of their studies...An exchange semester abroad can give students a better chance to understand and relate to these global issues. For me the exchange semester with HKUST is one of the most valuable experiences I will gain from my academic studies." more

Cameron Goddard
Queen’s Univ, Canada

"Guide for Exchange Students - All you need to know to get started in Hong Kong!" more

Lucie Maresova
Univ of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic

"This semester was something like a fairy- tale for me. My dorm is by the seaside, with a wonderful view of sea and surrounding hills..." more

Ross Resnik
Univ of Southern California, USA

"...Dynamic, exciting yet calm, fast paced yet slow moving, brand new but old. There are many ways to describe the “Fragrant Harbour..." more

Valleria Kollarova
Vienna Univ of Economics and Business Administration, Austria

"All the distinct things about the city, which I was unaccustomed to in the beginning, are all the things that I will miss!"more