1) City Life

Situated on the southern tip of China and in the heart of Asia, charismatic Hong Kong captivates all who study, live and work here. With its Chinese heritage stretching over thousands of years and some 150 years of British administration until its return to China in 1997, Hong Kong's unique East-West perspective has created a cosmopolitan city with a 24/7 lifestyle and an energy all of its own.

With its stunning backdrop of hills, dramatic high-rise skyline, and beautiful deep-water harbor, Hong Kong provides an unforgettable new home away from home. Studying in Hong Kong gives you the opportunity to experience life in:

An exciting, international city that attracts people from around the world
A leading global business and financial center, the world's 11th largest trading economy and one of the most sophisticated telecommunications markets globally
A land of contrasts from 21st century skyscrapers offices to street markets to spectacular green country parks and scenic islands
A seven-million strong community where English is widely used together with Chinese (Cantonese and increasingly Putonghua/ Mandarin)
A society steeped in Chinese traditions from dragon boat racing to the picturesque Mid-Autumn lantern festival.

You will find that Hong Kong is a city of life & colors. Visit the HK Tourist Association for more information.

Indeed, there is no other metropolitan city quite like it!!

2) The Social Scene

From the lively nightlife of Lan Kwai Fong on Hong Kong Island to hiking in the hills of the New Territories or taking part in Chinese festivals, Hong Kong offers an exciting mix of activities to choose from when taking time out from your studies.

Chinese Tradition
Throughout the year, many colorful Chinese festivals are celebrated, drawing you into a culture stretching back 5,000 years. The lion dances and fireworks of Chinese New Year, races and rice dumplings of Dragon Boat Festival, and mooncakes and lanterns of Mid-Autumn Festival are just some of the traditional events waiting for you to explore.
Hip Hong Kong
At the same time, a wide selection of cool clubs and concerts keep the Hong Kong scene hot. International arts and film festivals draw top names from around the world, while major sports events, including the world-famous Rugby Sevens, bring the latest stars to the city. Take in Chinese dance one week, Jose Carreras and Disneyland the next.
Going Green
Country parks and scenic walks abound in Hong Kong. HKUST's location in Clear Water Bay puts the beaches and spectacular rural sights of Sai Kung within easy reach, with the 100-km MacLehose Trail also on the doorstep.

3) Food and Shopping

Shopping and eating are favorite past-times in Hong Kong. The city, often referred to as a shopper's paradise, is renowned for being one of Asia's great emporiums, selling the latest goods from around the world. And every few paces, there's a restaurant, noodle shop or bakery to sustain you on your way.

In Hong Kong, you can take your pick from street markets and small shops to up-market malls and designer stores. There are clothes for every "look" and prices catering for all budgets. The most advanced hi-tech gadgets, computer software, and all the latest Chinese and international sounds are also readily available. Most families have computers, and everyone essentially has a mobile phone.
On a Plate
The city offers an incredible choice of cuisines from China, Asia, and the world. Traditional Chinese dim sum, Western fast food, vegetarian restaurants, teahouses, local and international fine dining, and coffee shop chains are just some of the many options on offer in Hong Kong.

4) Transportation Hub

In compact Hong Kong, a fast and cost-effective public transport system whisks you swiftly around the city and out to beaches and the countryside. The sophisticated transport network includes the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) subway system, buses, minibuses, affordable taxis, ferries, the historic cross-harbor Star Ferry, train, light rail, tram, and the Mid-Levels escalator, the world's longest outdoor covered escalator.

From the HKUST campus, it is just a short minibus journey to the nearest MTR station with underground trains that speed you on your way to most parts of Hong Kong. Buses and taxis are also available.

See China 
Trips from Hong Kong to southern China are quick and straightforward by bus, train or fast ferry, or to Macau by hovercraft (or helicopter!). Meanwhile, direct air links to some 40 Mainland China cities put the rest of the country within easy reach. Beijing's Forbidden City and the Xian Terracotta Warriors are both just three hours away.
Explore Asia
Hong Kong is also a great gateway to Asia, with most major cities in the region within three to four hours' flight time and over half the world's population within five hours by plane. In all, over 100 international destinations can be reached from the ultra-modern Chek Lap Kok Airport, regarded as one of the world's very best.

You will certainly find that Hong Kong is truly one of the most convenient cities to be situated in Asia.

5) Gateway to China

With China now the world's fastest growing economy, Hong Kong serves as an ideal base for people around the globe to prepare to enter the China marketplace, capitalize on new business and job opportunities, and find out how China works. It also acts as a window on the world for Mainland China businesses seeking to go international. Hong Kong has:

A talented pool of English and Chinese-speaking professionals attuned to both Mainland China and international markets.
Free flow of information.
Become a key international capital-raising center for Mainland China enterprises.
` Special economic arrangements with Mainland China to encourage business links, trade, and development.
Strong personal connections with different regions of China due to family ties in particular with neighboring Guangdong Province, and Shanghai.

For even more reasons on why to chose HONG KONG as your study abroad destination, please visit our International Students website.

    Reasons to Choose Hong Kong for Exchange:
City Life
The Social Scene
Food and Shopping
Transportation Hub
Gateway to China