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How to use WS-FTP
Execute CGI Script
Web Authentication
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Create your home page

Check whether you have got a web account from SBM Technical Team. If not, please send an Email to support for an application.

FTP* to the machine "" using the account provided. Then, at your home directory:

  • create a public directory called "web_html"

  • upload your web files, e.g. "index.html" to the folder web_html

Your home page can now be reached at


*WS-FTP and FileZilla are recommended


How to use WS-FTP

Please read the pages here for more details. 


How to use FileZilla

          Coming soon ...


Execute CGI Script

All files with .cgi extension placed under your public directory (ie. web_html) can be executed by the web server. 

Where the paths for Perl are:

  • Perl 5.84 -   /usr/local/bin/perl5 

  • or simple    /usr/local/bin/perl


Web Authentication

To set access restriction to your web directory, you can create a .htaccess under that directory using either of the following controlling issues:

  1. By domain .........................................................................(examples)

You can allow or deny access according to the name of the machine which is doing the browsing. This can be done at either the domain or host name level. For example, you could set it up as any of the following:

HKUST machines only
SBM machines only
your own machine only

  1. By user-defined user and password pairs ......................... (examples)

For greater control, you can restrict access to a set of users, each of whom must enter a valid username and password in order to look at your pages. You create the usernames and passwords, and tell them to your users to grant them access. These pairs of usernames and passwords are completely separate from those used to access ITSC general services, or any other account for that matter.

The usernames and encrypted passwords are put in a password file which is managed by a utility called htpasswd.

If you wish to limit access to your Web directories to certain sets of users, you can provide a group file, which prevents you from having to repeatedly specify the same sets of users.

  1. By WebLDAP Service (highly recommended) ...................(examples)

You can restrict access to those people who are with ITSC account via "WebLDAP", a system that requires people to have entered a valid ITSC userID and password in order to access your pages.

Access can be also restricted to anyone with a ITSC userID, or to particular groups of ITSC userIDs you desired.