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RGC Theme-based Research Funding Focuses on AI, Fintech and Food Safety (July 29)
Sing Tao Daily featured the latest round of Theme-based Research Funding announced by the Research Grants Council (RGC). The article cited Artificial Intelligence (AI), Fintech and Food Safety are among the popular themes this year. Dean TAM Kar Yan of HKUST Business School shared insights on his fintech research project, which also received funding from RGC last year. One project task is to study online risk management system, in response to the growing demand from the city’s financial industry.

Family Offices in Disruptive Era (Jul Edition)
Asia Asset Management published an article on family offices by Prof. Roger KING and Jeremy CHENG of the Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies. Family offices and their asset managers should broaden investment universe in preparation for a disruptive and transitional era.

Prevailing Trends of Asian Family Business (Jul 22 & 29)
HK Economic Journal published two articles (解牛集) by Prof. PENG Qian, Associate Director of Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies. The first article talked about the growing importance of family offices in Asia and their six prevailing management trends. The second article looked into 43 family businesses in Mainland China and how an innovative culture in family business, for example in business diversification and brand building, would benefit succession planning.

Effectiveness of “Bug Bounty” in Cybersecurity (Jul 24)
Cybersecurity news website Dark Reading cited comments by Chair Prof. HUI Kai Lung, Information Systems and Operation Management (ISOM), on Bug Bounty (websites for reporting bugs by individuals). Prof. Hui stated Bug Bounty is not a one-size-fits-all solution: Companies have to evaluate their own security environment, and value and vulnerability of their systems. 

Professor Francis Lui on Anti-Extradition Bill Protests (Jul)
A number of newspapers, including China Daily, Yazhou Zhoukan, Taiwan Economics Daily, Wen Wei Po, Ta Kung Pao, Apple Daily, Women of China interviewed and/or cited comments by ECON Emeritus/Adjunct Prof. Francis LUI, on the adverse impact of the anti-extradition bill protests to the Hong Kong economy.  In Headline Daily and Sky Post, Prof. Lui cited the importance of social stability in the current political and economic environment of Hong Kong.

One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition Underway in Beijing (Jul 17 & 12)
China Daily and HuanqiuNet, among other mainland news portals, featured HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competitions in Beijing. Since 2011 this Competition has nurtured a number of highly successful startups, including DJI and Yunzhou Tech who were finalists.  Ms. YUAN Ye, Head of HKUST Business School Mainland China Office, stated the competition has helped young entrepreneurs to adapt to the fast-changing market environment.

First Nation-wide Fintech Certification for Banks in China (Jul 16)
Wen Wei Po, Kaixian  and Mirage News reported HKUST has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the China Banking Association, Shenzhen University, and China Construction Bank University to co-develop the inaugural certification curriculum and framework for Fintech professionals in Chinese banks.

Disruptive Innovation and Workforce in China and Globally (Jul 15)
HK Economic Journal carried an article (解牛集) by ECON Chair Prof. Albert PARK on the AI development trends and impact on the future of workforce in China and the rest of the world.  

Correlation between Automation Readiness and Economic Growth (Jul 12)
Straits Times zoomed in Singapore government’s policies in addressing the displacement of workforce due to automation, and quoted Dean of HKUST Business School TAM Kar-Yan on the positive correlation between automation readiness and economic growth. 

MBA Graduate in Pursuit of New Career in Asia (Jul 11)
Business Because interviewed  MBA alumnus Tomas KUCERA, on his transition to a new career and how HKUST MBA program has helped him start a business in Asia. 

A Glimpse of 5G Technology in Asia (Jul 10)
In the HKUST’s “Living Smart” column of The Standard, Associate Dean Prof. XU Yan talked about development of 5G technology in Asia, including China and Hong Kong. Hong Kong offers a favorable testing ground for vendors to improve their system performance due to its densely located buildings.

Study on the Impact of TV Ads on Stock Trading (July 8)
Wall Street Journal featured the study by Prof. Alminas ŽALDOKAS, Department of Finance, on his study on how TV advertising affects investor behavior.

Accounting Bias and Errors on Investments (Jul 8)
HK Economic Journal carried an article (解牛集) by ACCT Associate Prof. Allen HUANG on the bias and errors in accounting and their impact on investments.

Taxation in the Digital Economy (Jul 1)
ACCT Senior Lecturer, Dr. Kelvin MAK, urged the Hong Kong Government to align internationally its policy on taxation in digital economy HK Economic Journal (解牛集)


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