Center for Economic Development, HKUST


Formally established in August 1995, the CED promotes research concentrating on the study of economic growth and development, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Emphasis is given to the study of topics such as China's economic reform, international economics, global value chain, science and technology policy, the International Monetary System and Internationalization of renminbi, capital account liberalization of China, financial sector liberalization and reform in China, state-owned enterprises reform in China and the Belt and Road Initiative. The CED also supports research related to public economic policies in Hong Kong.

Mission, Goals and Objectives

The CED is dedicated to supporting rigorous research activities related to the theory and practice of economic growth and development. It promotes applied research that is reflective of contemporary economic theory and state-of-the-art empirical methodology.

Research Focus/Areas

The CED is particularly interested in supporting research in the following areas:

  1. ● Economic Growth and Development
  2. ● Issues in international economics
  3. ● Global value chain
  4. ● Science and technology policy
  5. ● The International Monetary System and Internationalization of renminbi
  6. ● Capital account liberalization of China
  7. ● Financial sector liberalization and reform in China
  8. ● State-owned enterprises reform in China
  9. ● The Belt and Road Initiative
  10. ● Innovation and Technological Change
  11. ● Economic Geography

Executive Committee

Edwin L.-C. Lai
Professor in the Department of Economics and Professor in the Division of Public Policy (courtesy appointment)
Associate Director
Yao Amber Li
Associate professor, Department of Economics
Committee member
Xuewen Liu
Associate professor at FINA
Committee member
Naubahar Sharif
Associate professor at SSOC
Committee member
Jin Wang
Associate professor at SSOC
Committee member
Jialin Yu
Associate professor at FINA

Academic Advisory Board

Gene M. Grossman
Jacob Viner Professor of International Economics, Princeton University
Keith Head
HSBC Professor of Asian Commerce, University of British Columbia
Joseph P. Kaboski
David F. and Erin M. Seng Foundation Professor, University of Notre Dame
Shangjin Wei
N.T. Wang Professor of Chinese Business & Economy and Professor of Finance and Economics, Columbia University