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Conference on Advances in Econometrics, May 23-24, 2014)
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Economics is a social science that deals with the allocation of resources within and across firms, households, and other decision-making units. It also deals with the functional and personal distribution of income. As such, it covers the operation and organization of firms and industries, the determination of prices for factors and products, as well as the determinants of economic growth and development. It analyzes production, consumption, investment, employment, trade, and government interventions including fiscal, monetary, and regulatory policies. Thus, both micro- and macro-economic analyses are essential in the decision making of households and governments.

New Faculty member

    Partha SEN, Visiting Professor
    Yasutora WATANABE, Associate Professor 


A New Worldwide Ranking of Economics Departments
According to a study commissioned by the European Economics Association, HKUST is again ranked first in Asia!  (HKUST #37, Cambridge University #39, Oxford University #40, Chinese University of Hong Kong #84, University of Hong Kong #164)
HKUST ranked  No. 1 in East Asia
According to Jin and Yau (1999) in Economic Inquiry, 37 (4), 706-710: Jin-Yau (1999).