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Head and Professor Prof Siu Fai LEUNG sfleung
Chair Professor Prof Songnian CHEN snchen
Professor Prof David E COOK davcook
Professor, Director, Center for Experimental Business Research Prof Yuk Fai FONG yfong
Professor; Director, Center for Economic Development Prof Edwin LAI elai
Professor Prof Albert PARK albertpark
Professor of Business Practice Prof Milind RAO mrao
Professor Prof Pengfei WANG pfwang
Professor Prof Susheng WANG sswang
Professor Prof Danyang XIE dxie
Associate Professor Prof Xinyu HUA xyhua
Associate Professor, Associate Director, Center for Experimental Business Research    Prof Wooyoung LIM wooyoung
Associate Professor Prof Xun LU xunlu
Associate Professor Prof Sujata VISARIA svisaria
Associate Professor Prof Peng WANG pwang
Associate Professor Prof Jenny XU jennyxu
Associate Professor Prof Tao ZHU taozhu
Assistant Professor Prof Guojun HE gjhe
Assistant Professor Prof Yangguang Sunny HUANG huangyg
Assistant Professor Prof Kohei KAWAGUCHI kkawaguchi
Assistant Professor Prof Yao Amber LI yaoli
Assistant Professor Prof Yatang LIN linyt
Assistant Professor Prof Yang LU yanglu
Assistant Professor of Business  Education Prof Kam Wing SIU eckwsiu
Assistant Professor Prof Xiaojian ZHAO xjzhao
Professor Emeritus      
Professor Emeritus Prof Francis T LUI fnfntlui

Adjunct Faculty
Adjunct Professor Prof Soohong CHEW shchew
Adjunct Professor Prof Yiu Kwan FAN ykfan
Adjunct Professor Prof Alicia HERRERO alicia
Adjunct Professor Prof Han HONG  
Adjunct Professor Prof Cheng HSIAO
Adjunct Professor Prof Lungfei LEE lflee
Adjunct Professor Prof Mico LORENTAN mico
Adjunct Professor Prof Guoqiang TIAN
Adjunct Professor Prof Changqi WU fnchqiwu
Adjunct Associate Professor Prof Yan YU yanyu
Adjunct Assistant Professor Prof Fei DING feiding
Adjunct Assistant Professor Prof Wenwen ZHANG wwzhang

Visiting Faculty
Visiting Scholar Prof Lingzhi ZHOU lzzhou

General Office
Executive Officer Ms Leonna TONG leonna
MSc Program Officer Ms Kathy WONG eckywong
Departmental Secretary Ms Juliana WONG fnjuwong
Program Assistant Ms Mandy CHAN ecmandy
Program Assistant Mr Hiram CHAU hiramc
Clerk Ms Cindy SUN yinglan
Teaching/Research Staff
Instructional Assistant Mr Thomas AUYEUNG ecthomas
Teaching Associate Ms Astor FOK ecastor
Instructional Assistant Ms Icy GUO ecbguo
Teaching Associate Ms Teresa LAU ectylau
Instructional Assistant Mr Jeremy TO ecjeremy
Teaching Associate Mr Peter TSUI ecpeter
Instructional Assistant Mr Wilson Wan  ecwilsonwan