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Dean of Business and Management
Chair Professor of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management

PhD Purdue University, Management Information Systems 
M.S. Purdue University, Computer Science
B.S. University of Illinois, Mathematics and Computer Science


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 
Associate Provost and Founding Dean of Students, 2011-2016
Founding Dean of Undergraduate Education, 2007-2011
Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs, 2005-2007

HKUST Business School
Associate Dean, 1999-2006
Chair Professor of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management

University of Texas, Austin
Assistant Professor, 1987-1992 


    Electronic Commerce

    Big Data

    Personalization and HCI


Xu Xin, J. Y. L. Thong, K. Y. Tam, “Winning Back Technology Disadopters: Testing a Technology Re-adoption Model in the Context of Mobile Internet Services,” Journal of Management Information Systems, 34,1, 2017, 102-140.

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Xu, X., Venkatesh, Tam, K. Y., and Hong, S. J., “Model of Migration and Use of Platforms: Role of Hierarchy, Current Generation, and Complementarities in Consumer Settings” Management Science, 56, 8, 2010, 1304-1323.

Tam, K. Y. and S. Y. Ho, “Understanding the Impact of Web Personalization on User Information Processing, Behavior and Judgment” MIS Quarterly, 30, 4, 2006, 865-890.

Hong, S. J. and Tam, K. Y., "Understanding the Adoption of Multi-purpose Information Appliances: The Case of Mobile Data Services, " Information Systems Research, 17, 2, 2006, 162-179

Tam, K. Y. and S. Y. Ho, "Web Personalization as a Persuasion Strategy: An Elaboration Likelihood Model Perspective, " Information Systems Research, 16, 3, 2005, 271-291.


    Consultant, IBM China/Hong Kong; Merrill Lynch(Asia Pacific); Hongkong Telecom; Tele Danmark; Hong Kong Industrial Technology Centre Corporation; Open University of Hong Kong; HSBC; Sun Microsystems; Symantec, PCCW eBusiness Solutions, and OFTA.


    President, Association of Asia Pacific Business Schools

    Chairman, Curriculum Development Council of EDB

    Member, Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board

    Member, Hong Kong Productivity Council

    Member, PASS Vetting Committee of CEDB

    Member, Research Grants Council of UGC

    Member, The Hong Kong-Shenzhen Fintech Advisory Council of HKMA