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The Department of Management
at HKUST is recognized internationally as a significant force in research. It is especially acclaimed for its faculty’s research work in relations to China. It cares about the intellectual development of this region and contributes to it through active research, high-quality teaching, and on-going participation in community activities.




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Forthcoming/ In press

  • Yang, J.Y., Li, J.T., & Delios, A. In press. Will a second mouse get the cheese: Learning from early entrants’ failures in a foreign market. Organization Science.

  • Takeuchi, R., Bolino, M., & Lin, C. C. In press. Too many motives? The interactive effects of multiple motives on organizational citizenship behavior. Journal of Applied Psychology.

  • Glaser, L., Stam, W., & Takeuchi, R. Conditional acceptance. Managing the risks of proactivity: A multilevel study of initiative and performance in the middle management context. Academy of Management Journal.

  • Liang, L.L., Lian, H., Brown, D. J., Ferris, D. L., Hanig, S., & Keeping, L. In press. When are abusive supervisors abusive? A dual-system self-control model. Academy of Management Journal.

  • Chen, Z., Zhu, J., & Zhou, M. In press. How does a servant leader fuel the service fire? A multilevel model of servant leadership, individual self identity, group competition climate, and customer service performance. Journal of Applied Psychology.



  • Li, J.T., Qian, C. & Yao, K. 2015. Confidence in learning: Inter- and intra-organizational learning in foreign market entry decisions. Strategic Management Journal, 36: 918-929.

  • Ferris, D. L., Lian, H., Brown, D. J., & Morrison, R. 2015. Ostracism, self-esteem, and job performance: When do we self-verify and when do we self-enhance? Academy of Management Journal, 58: 279-297.



  • Liu, W., Gong, Y., & Liu, J. 2014. When do business units benefit more from collective citizenship behavior of management teams? An upper echelons perspective. Journal of Applied Psychology, 99: 523-534.

  • Chang, S., Jia, L., Takeuchi, R., & Cai, Y. 2014. Do high-commitment work systems affect creativity? A multi-level combinational approach to employee creativity. Journal of Applied Psychology, 99: 665-680.

  • Kwong, J. Y. Y., & Wong, K. F. E. (Equal Authorship). 2014. Reducing and exaggerating escalation of commitment by option partitioning. Journal of Applied Psychology, 99: 697-712.

  • Lian, H., Brown, D. J., Ferris, D. L., Liang, L.L., Keeping, L., & Morrison, R. 2014. Abusive supervision and retaliation: A self-control framework. Academy of Management Journal, 57: 116-139.

  • Lian, H., Ferris, D. L., Morrison, R. & Brown, D. J., 2014 Blame it on the supervisor or the subordinate? Reciprocal relations between abusive supervision and organizational deviance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 99: 651-664.



  • Li, J.T. & Qian, C. 2013. Principal-principal conflicts under weak institutions: A study of corporate takeovers in China, Strategic Management Journal, 34: 498-508.

  • Chen, G., Farh, J. L., Campbell-Bush, E. M., Wu, Z., & Wu, X. In press. Teams as innovative systems: Multilevel motivational antecedents of innovation in R&D teams. Journal of Applied Psychology, 98: 1018-1027.

  • Chen, Z., Takeuchi, R., & Shum, C. 2013. A social information processing perspective of coworker influence on a focal employee. Organization Science, 24: 1618-1639.

  • Qian, C., Cao, Q., & Takeuchi, R. 2013. Top management team functional diversity and organizational innovation in China: The moderating effects of environment. Strategic Management Journal, 34: 110-120.

  • Gong, Y., Kim, T. Y., Lee, D. R., & Zhu, J. 2013. A multilevel model of team goal orientation, information exchange, and creativity. Academy of Management Journal, 56: 827-851.

  • Wang, M., Liu, S., Liao, H., Gong, Y., Kammeyer-Mueller. J., & Shi, J. 2013. Can't get it out of my mind: Employee rumination after customer mistreatment and negative mood in the next morning. Journal of Applied Psychology, 98: 989-1004.

  • Chao, M.M., Hong, Y., & Chiu, C. 2013. Essentializing race: Its implication on racial categorization. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 104: 619-634.

  • Tadmor, C., Chao, M., Hong, Y., Polzer, J.T. 2013. Not just for stereotyping anymore: Racial essentialism reduces domain-general creativity. Psychological Science, 24: 99-105.

  • Garg, S. 2013. Venture boards: Distinctive monitoring and implications for firm performance. Academy of Management Review, 38: 90-108.

  • Li, Q., Maggitti, P., Smith, K., Tesluk, P., & Katila, R. 2013. Top management attention to innovation: The role of search selection and intensity. Academy of Management Journal, 56: 893-916.

  • Van Wijk, J.J., Stam, W., Elfring, T., Zietsma, C., & Den Hond, F. 2013. Activists and incumbents structuring change: The interplay between agency, culture and networks in field evolution.Academy of Management Journal, 56: 358-386.



  • Kozhikode, R. & Li, J.T. 2012. Political pluralism, public policies, and organizational choices: Banking branch expansion in India, 1948–2003. Academy of Management Journal, 55: 339-359.

  • Liang, J., Farh, C. I. C. & Farh, J. L. 2012. Psychological antecedents of promotive and prohibitive voice: A two-wave examination. Academy of Management Journal, 55: 71-92.

  • George, E., Chattopadhyay, P., & Zhang, L.L. 2012. Helping hand or competition? The moderating influence of perceived upward mobility on the relationship between blended workgroups and employee attitudes and behaviors. Organization Science, 23: 355-372.

  • *Chang, Y. Y., *Gong, Y., & Peng, M. W. 2012. Expatriate knowledge transfer, subsidiary absorptive capacity, and subsidiary performance. Academy of Management Journal, 55: 927-948. (*Equal contribution)

  • Tadmor, C., Hong, Y., Chao, M.M., Wiruchnipawan, F. & Wang, W. 2012. Multicultural experiences reduce intergroup bias through epistemic unfreezing. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 103: 750-772.

  • Lian, H., Ferris, D. L., & Brown, D. J. 2012. Does power distance exacerbate or mitigate the effects of abusive supervision? It depends on the outcome. Journal of Applied Psychology, 97: 107-123.

  • Wanberg, C. R., Zhu, J., Kanfer, R., & Zhang, Z. 2012. After the pink slip: Applying dynamic motivation frameworks to the job search experience. Academy of Management Journal, 55: 261-284.


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A top-10 Management Department in the World!

MGMT department ranks among the Top Ten management departments in the world in terms of faculty productivity for the recent five years (2009-2013), based on the UT-Dallas survey of research publications in four premier management journals (Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal).


A Four-Times Winner for the Franklin Department Award for Teaching Excellence, for 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The purpose of the award is to recognize the collective efforts made by a department's faculty in achieving overall teaching excellence. For more details, please kindly click here.


Recent Events

Negotiation Research Roundtable
on May 21, 2015 (2pm-5pm)

A half day mini-conference organized by the Department of Management. For more information, please contact Ms Daphne Cheung (email: mndaphne@ust.hk).


Mediation Seminar co-organised with the Joint Mediation Helpline Office on May 20, 2015. Click here for more details.


Research Seminar


List of Research Seminars



Next Seminar(s):



Professor Jaideep Anand,
The Ohio State University


Knowledge Complexity and the Performance of Inter-unit Knowledge Transfer Structures


June 25, 2015 (Thursday)




LSK Rm5047 (Lift 1-2)



Professor Jaideep Anand,
The Ohio State University


Redeployment of Firm Resources (PhD Workshop)


June 25, 2015 (Friday)




LSK Rm5047 (Lift 1-2)







LSK Rm5047 (Lift 1-2)



 Department in the News

New Faculty

Warmly welcome our new faculty:

  • Lecturer - Dr Mary Ho received her PhD degree from the University of Hong Kong.