[eNews] HKUST MBA Students Continue to Thrive Against Uncertain Times

Spring is a time where students from the HKUST MBA Program transform, soar and thrive, like the phoenix, with the Hong Kong community and shine in the global arena.

Inspired by the University’s sundial concept, the HKUST MBA Program was launched with the “Phoenix DNA,” enabling past and present students to continue thriving and soaring despite uncertain times.

As a Global Top 20 MBA Program, named by the Financial Times for 13consecutive years, the Program was established to prepare bright minds from around the world to succeed in the evolving business landscape. More than just preparing students for normal times, the Program aims to empower our future leaders with professional knowledge, skills, and a positive mentality to handle crises as well. 

In April 2020, the MBA Program officially launched its online series of inspirational videos “Transform, Soar and Thrive with HKUST”, featuring our faculty members and their stories of motivation for current and upcoming students.

Here are some inspirational quotes and stories from the HKUST MBA Phoenix Community:

How to be Prepared to Engage with New Opportunities

"Take ownership to act, to close that gap between our current skill sets and future opportunities so that we can be the one who seize the new opportunities when they arise."

Professor Caroline WANG, Adjunct Professor of Business Practice and Management

Watch Caroline's Video

Business Technology - Blockchain

"During disruption events, Blockchain can also help small and medium enterprises to obtain financing by leveraging their larger customers’ credit ratings."

Professor Allen Huang, Associate Professor of Accounting

Watch Allen's Video

Transforming with Courage (Current Students and 2020 Intake)

Our current MBA students, the Phoenix prodigies, are making their own quantum leap backed by the valuable knowledge and experience acquired through the HKUST MBA Program. Our upcoming Intake 2020 would be proud to turn their next chapter of life with the Program this summer.

Words of encouragement for the current students and the upcoming 2020 Intake

Currently, HKUST MBA has a wide network of more than 5,000 alumni in over 60 countries. We have been relentlessly leading various efforts to keep our career-focused curriculum relevant in times of rapid change. We look forward to connecting with our alumni and prospective students from around the world!


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