[School in Media] August 2021


First Virtual Classroom in Asia

Various media including TVB News, SCMP, The Standard, Topick, Sing Tao Daily, Headline Daily, Sky Post, am730,  Bastille Post, EDigest, HK01, HKET, Ohpama, Ta Kung Pao and HK Commercial Daily featured HKUST’s first virtual classroom for its new Digital MBA for Global Leaders Program. The virtual classroom, the first of its kind in Asia, features a curved high-definition video wall configured with live and synchronous settings to accommodate a maximum of 72 students in a class. It is expected to create a highly engaging online learning environment for students. 

Contribution to Sustainability

Different local, mainland and overseas news portals, such as SCMP, The Straits Times, The Seattle Times, Nikkei Asia, Yahoo!, US News, The West Australian, France 24, rfi, Florida News Times,,,, Associated Press, Mirage News, Carbon Brief, CTV News, XinHuaNet (新華社), (央視網), Sina Tech, HKCNA (香港新聞網), (人民網), (中國新聞網), Sina News, (金羊網), Ne21 (世紀新能源), HK01 and HK Commercial Daily, reported HKUST and Our HK Foundation (OHKF) co-hosted a webinar with speakers including China’s Special Envoy on Climate Change Mr. XIE Zhenhua and other international experts. They took the opportunity to exchange views on building a cooperative global climate management system.   

Cross-disciplinary Education for Future Talent

A number of India news portals including Pelikken, Business News, Media Bulletins, India Education Diary, BW Education, Skill Outlook and B2B Chief featured how HKUST’s innovative business education prepares students for a cross-disciplinary and sustainable future. The feature articles mentioned HKUST will introduce a new undergraduate program in Sustainable and Green Finance and other new extended majors or study pathway in this and coming semesters.


Cybercrimes in Hong Kong (August 29)
SCMP cited comments by Deputy Head and Chair Prof. HUI Kai-Lung, Department of ISOM, on the surge of cybercrimes in HK. He said that internet users should stay vigilant and avoid engaging in intimate exchanges or monetary transactions with those they met online.

Belt and Road Initiative (August 26)
HK Economic Times carried an article by Head and Chair Prof. Albert PARK, Department of Economics, on his two research projects on the execution of the Belt and Road initiative. He said for the initiative to realize its goals, China needs to ensure its economic feasibility, and remain influential in its environmental and social reach.

Business Empire Looks to China for Growth (August 24)
Bloomberg cited comments by Prof. Winnie PENG, Director of Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies, on an article about Swire Pacific Ltd’s appointment of a new chairman.
Prof. PENG suggested the company may recruit more people who understand mainland China in order to break the “glass ceiling” in its management system that may hinder innovation and diversity. 

Opportunity of Online Learning (August 20)
Find MBA Online featured Associate Dean and MBA Program Director Prof. CHEN Tai-Yuan in an article on the rise of online MBA programs in Asia Pacific. Prof. CHEN introduced HKUST’s first virtual classroom in Asia, and shared how the new Digital MBA for Global Leaders program is designed to meet the needs and schedule of professionals in Asia.

Deflection as a Business Tactic (August 17)
Penn Today featured a research study by Assistant Prof. Bradford BITTERLY (Department of Management) and his partner at Wharton on the costs and benefits of answering a question with a question. It found that deflection is a tool that can be wielded during business negotiations. 

China’s Attitude in Foreign Policy (August 13)
Sky Post carried an article by Emeritus Prof. Francis LUI, Department of Economics, on how China had shown an assertive attitude in recent foreign policy and the way it handles HK affairs.

TV Ads Inspire Investment Interest (August 12)
Mirage News featured a joint study co-led by Associate Prof. Alminas ZALDOKAS (Department of Finance) and Cornell University. The research found that advertising is one of the most noteworthy influences behind retail stock investing.   

Forms of Multi-family Office (August 5)
HK Economic Times published an article by Prof. Winnie PENG, Director of Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies, on the forms of “multi-family office”, in which she cited a US wealth management firm ICONIQ Capital as an example.

Business Scholarships at HKUST (August 4)
Youth Time carried an article featuring the admission of HKUST’s World Bachelor in Business program and admission scholarships available for students. 

MBA Skills Recruiters Value Most (August 3)
Associate Dean and MBA Program Director Prof. CHEN Tai-Yuan was featured by Business Because in an article on MBA skills that recruiters value the most. He explained how digital skills can help senior executives transform and lead in the digital era. 


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