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BizInsight@HKUST – Lunch Seminar on “Blockchain in Business”

Blockchain has become an indispensable tool that has the capability to transform the world of digital banking and finance — and beyond, ranging from healthcare to finance to logistics and identity. Industry experts - Richard Vibert and Jehan Chu will share the close and future look at this extraordinary technology.

Everyday Blockchain: Real-life Use Cases for Blockchain Technology
Beyond the buzzwords, what is the actual utility of Blockchain? Companies from financial institutions to supply chain management are working on solutions built on Blockchain, but what is the real value and application? Join Richard Vibert (Arbor Ventures) for an overview of the real world use cases and a close look at the first production applications of Blockchain technology.

Richard Vibert is an Investment Associate in Arbor Ventures’ Hong Kong office, specialising in blockchain and big data technologies for financial services across Asia. Arbor’s investments include the likes of Abra, BlockApps, and other fintech companies globally. Prior to Arbor, Richard was part of an early stage technology company leading the implementation of big data solutions for enterprises. Richard has been a longstanding advocate of blockchain technologies since having researched cryptography and elliptic curves within a specialised theoretical physics research group at Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris. Richard holds an M.Sc in Mathematics from King's College London and a B.Sc in Mathematics from Durham University, England.

Liquid Equity: Tokenisation and the future of Blockchain-based Capital
In 2016, a company called TheDao crowdfunded US$160 million through selling crypto-tokens, completely bypassing traditional venture funding. Since then, increasing numbers of startups have opt-ed out of equity funding, raising anywhere from US$2-15 million sometimes in a matter of minutes. What are crypto-tokens, and how are they changing notions of not only equity, but tradable value in areas including security, advertising, IP, and even identity? Join Jehan Chu (Jen Advisors, Ethereum HK) for a view into the near future and a close look at the Internet of Value.

Jehan Chu is a Managing Partner at Jen Advisors, an early-stage Blockchain focused Venture Capital Fund. He is an experienced technology entrepreneur and Blockchain specialist with an extensive track record in Blockchain community leadership, hosting over 50 lectures and education events. Since 2013 Jehan has been investing in the cryptocurrency, and is the founder of the Ethereum HK community (sponsored by InvestHK), the Hyperledger HK community, and a founding member of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong. He was a partner with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on the Blockchain: Surge event, is the Metta Curator for Blockchain, Advisor to the Melonport Project, Vice Chairman of Para Site Art Space, Board Member of Design Trust, and Global Patrons Board of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Richard Vibert
Jehan Chu

Event Details

Date 8 May 2017 (Monday)
Time 12:00 pm (Registration)
12:15 - 1:30 pm (Presentations and Q&As)
Venue HKUST Business School Central,
Rm 1501-02, 15/F Hong Kong Club Building,
3A Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong (MTR J3 Exit)
Admission Open to public
Fee HK$100 per participant
HK$80 for HKUST Business School alumni and students
(Light refreshments will be provided)
Language English


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