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Who is winning in the Artificial Intelligence Race between PRC & US?


The US & China tech revolution is like the Gutenberg Bible. Credit and banking are being democratised in revolutionary ways. China and the US are in the lead. The 5 leaders in the PRC galaxy are Alibaba, Tencent, Ping An, Baidu & Zhong An. 5 leaders in the US galaxy are Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon & Microsoft. AI will propel technology, education, health, media, & lifestyles in ways we can barely imagine. Who’s undervalued/overvalued? Is there a silver bullet? Is there a dwarf star whose gravity runs out and collapses on itself? We have created an easy to follow Power Point of the strategies, strengths, weaknesses, business models and earnings drivers of the 10 companies. WHO: Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Ping An, & Zhong An VS Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon & Apple. WHEN: They are reinventing banking & disrupting every walk of life including media, health, insurance, education, entertainment, and government NOW. WHY: AI is equivalent to the Gutenberg Bible. WHO: are Winners & losers in this great Reformation which will cause massive shifts in market share & redraw the map of commerce + banking? WHAT: Winners in market share, technology, implementation, earnings diversity & profitability.

About the Speaker

Paul Schulte is the founder and editor of Schulte Research, a company does research on banks, financial technology, bank algorithms and credit algorithms. He is a senior fellow at Tufts University, HKUST and SUSS in Singapore. His clients include some of the largest hedge funds globally. He works with several banks and insurance companies in Asia as well as two of the sovereign wealth funds. He has a 25 year career in looking at financials. He is an advisor to IOSCO, the HKMA, the Malaysian SFC as well as the Thai SEC. He recently conducted a one week seminar for 55 Asian regulators on financial technology through the Asian Development Bank. His latest book is: "The Next Revolution in our Credit-Driven Economy: The Advent of Financial Technology." His upcoming book is "HANDBOOK OF BLOCKCHAIN, DIGITAL FINANCE, AND INCLUSION ", in conjunction with SUSS. He focuses on research on AI, the internet of things as well as Insurtech in China.

Paul Schulte

Event Details

Date 24 November 2017 (Friday)
Time 11:00 - 12:30 pm (Presentations and Q&As)
Venue G001, G/F, Lee Shau Kee Business Building
Admission All HKUST Business School students
Language English



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