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Examination of People’s Attitudes towards AI-facilitated Conflict Resolution in Workplace

MPhil Thesis Defense

Despite the growing role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the area of conflict resolution, we have limited understanding on how people would react when AI provides a resolution to a dispute. In the current research, we examine how people’s perception of AI in terms of fairness and warmth affect their attitudes towards AI-generated resolution to an organizational conflict. Through Study 1 and 2, we found that participants exhibited more positive attitudes towards AI-generated resolution than human-generated resolution when the resolution outcome was unfavorable, as AI was perceived fairer than human. However, when the resolution was favorable, they had more positive attitudes towards a resolution provided by human than that provided by AI, as human was perceived warmer than AI. Study 3 did not replicate the findings. Implication of the findings to the literature on perception of AI and HR professionals are discussed.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, conflict resolution, warmth, fairness


Speaker :
Ms Jung Min Choi, HKUST
Venue :
LSK Rm5047 (Lift 1-2)
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