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Fostering a Positive CEO-Board Relationship Cycle in New Ventures

This inductive study examines how first-time CEOs develop a positive work relationship with their boards of directors in new ventures. Much literature recognizes the critical importance of CEO-board relationship, but it neglects how positive CEO-board relationships develop and misses a balanced perspective that incorporates the board’s need and the CEO’s need in the relationship. We draw upon retrospective interviews, board meeting observations and real-time interviews, and archival materials from the ventures. The emergent framework suggests that first-time CEOs start with analogies to organize their key interactions with the board, but they converge to one of two relationship cycles – virtuous or vicious – comprising of inter-related behaviors in (1) board meeting previews, (2) board meetings, and (3) board meeting follow-ups. Our study contributes by expanding the scope of the conversation on CEO-board relationship from the traditional adversarial/one-sided view of the relationship to one that is respectful of the needs of both the CEO and the board. In addition, we highlight two relationship cycles based on specific behaviors, and how the third party (top management team) can play a role in the CEO-board relationship. Our study also extends the conversation in learning from learning processes that are examined in monolithic tasks to learning content in a key organizational relationship by examining distributed interactions where feedback is limited.


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Prof Sam Garg, HKUST
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via Zoom
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