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Growing Pains and Pain Remedies: Conflicts from Integrating New Executives in Scaling Ventures and Founder’s Resolution Behaviors

MPhil Thesis Defense

Prior studies have highlighted the need and importance of hiring professional executives in driving entrepreneurial growth. However, far less is known about the process of how ventures undergoing scaling effectively integrate newly-hired executives. Using multi-case inductive research design on three high-growth fintech startups in Hong Kong, we found new executives can generate conflict with vertically and horizontally interdependent incumbent organizational members. Further, we track founders’ resolution behaviors and see how effective they are in addressing each conflict. Our primary theoretical contributions are to internal process of scale-up entrepreneurship. We found hiring new executives come with a significant disruption in internal coordination process and if this is not effectively managed, new executives’ human capital would not contribute to ventures. Finally, our findings open a black-box of top management team (TMT) conflict process and provide a fresh view of CEO’s agentic role in resolving TMT conflicts.

Keywords: scale-up, venture TMT professionalization, TMT conflicts, conflict resolution


Speaker :
Mr. Changjoon Rhee, HKUST
Venue :
via Zoom
Date :
Time :
2:00pm - 5:00pm